So I didn’t go to Seoul today because I’ve been unwell and had some stress and anxiety. I really needed some time off, so I spent the day sleeping and watching crappy reality TV shows. (I do feel much better now though).

This was my husband’s day: He traveled to Seoul. He had a meeting with our publishing company. He then went to Starship Entertainment with our friend who is a journalist and from Australia. Our friend needed him to translate for an interview with BOYFRIEND. My husband calls me up later and I’m like, “You interviewed Boyfriend??” and he nonchalantly says, “Yeah..” Like whateverrr okay!! Haha… he said they were nice.

Thanks life! It’s like “you can have some time off…. BUT you gotta give up cool opportunities!”

Haha oh well..

He got a photo with them but not allowed to post it yet.

Why I shouldn’t be a shop keeper