Siblings (cultural differences)

lonelyshadeofcool said: Kind of curious. What is your guys favourite Korean Holiday?

Lunar New Year! We both like it. I enjoyed it a lot more than Chuseok I think, though they are very similar.

Milk and Kimchi..

(Not about my blog so ignore if you aren’t into Kpop and stuff)

Every time YG is on a TV show and he says stuff, there will immediately be things on Tumblr or Twitter like “omg he said this! fuck him”…

and then I go watch it and I think… “Well he didn’t really say anything that bad…” I’m watching in just Korean first and then with English subtitles, and even though the English subs can never perfect and don’t pick up all the nuance of the Korean language, even so, I still don’t feel like what he has said is that bad. People seem to stretch the truth a bit. People seem to think because he said something like this - this automatically means this. I’m a huge Winner fan and I know I will be a huge iKON fan, whoever ends up in the final group, so I find fanwars to be ridiculous.

The few things someone says for a TV show that has been heavily edited and is only regarding the group they are talking about at the moment does not always reflect someone’s world view, their whole business strategy or how they feel about other artists in that company.

That’s just my opinion but I’m someone who has seen how editing has to eliminate the finer points of what someone is saying (and I’ve had to edit things myself and had it happen to me), I live in Korea and see every day how culture and language affect how someone comes across and how when viewed through someone else’s cultural filter - things can seem harsh. I do have a little bit of insight into the Kpop industry, and I have personal experience of how twisted things can get and how people assume they know you better than yourself from just a few lines on camera. It’s just my opinion but I find these long rants about YG and fanwars to be a bit ridiculous. YG could be the most heartless bastard and no doubt he is probably unscrupulous in many ways because this is Kpop… but so much stuff is just so exaggerated.

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